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Al Alamiah Computer Library


Al Alamiah Electronics Co.

About the Sakhr Basic Exercise Book Series:

This series of books is an effective way to practice and train the "Sakhr Basic" programs, as it presents different programs of arithmetic, geometry, music, drawing and others, through a gradual sequence in the level of difficulty. In addition to the programs, the book provides a program path diagram for each program in order for the user to get used to the logical thinking method.

Included with each book is a disc containing all the programs mentioned in the book to facilitate the retrieval process.

About this book:

This is the second volume of the exercise books on the Sakhr Basic language. These exercises are part of a series of practical books that present a different set of Sakhr Basic programs to be a way for the user to deal with this language easily and easily. In this section, as in the first and the second sections, we have presented different types of programs that show the many advanced capabilities Which the Sakhr Basic language provides, whether in arithmetic, shapes, music, and others.

And to complement the benefit, we were keen to attach with each program a "program path diagram" to guide the user to the logical thinking method that is the basis of programming in any language, and we have also added some technical notes and suggestions that affect the program's outcome.

We also enclose with the book a floppy disk containing all the incoming programs to make it easier for the user to focus on dealing with the program.

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